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Why choose autoserve1?

AutoServe1 builds trust and clear communication between you and your customers with transparent digital vehicle inspections. AutoServe1’s digital vehicle inspections translate your technician's inspection findings into clear recommendations for your customers so they feel empowered to make educated decisions quickly.

What is the autoserve1 digital inspections partnership?

LANKAR is proud to announce our Partnership with AutoServe1 Digital Inspections! Many of our most successful LANKAR shops are now using AutoServe1’s digital vehicle inspections to help customers better see exactly what they are recommending with a picture and video reports.

What is the autoserve1 workflow1 tool?

This tool gives AutoServe1 users the flexibility to customize their inspection features. AutoServe1's simple interface gives your team a view of vehicle auto repair statuses at a glance. With WorkFlow1, service writers can update a vehicle's status as it moves through your shop.

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