Clearwave Portal Login , register and forgot password 2022

What can Clearwave do for You?

Enable patient access and empower patients to self-schedule appointments. Clearwave’s smart patient scheduling platform - complete with automated eligibility verification - reflects your practice’s preferences and priorities to maximize your scheduling.

Is Clearwave a clear choice?

One Clear Choice. The choice is clear when one vendor can do the work of 10. Clearwave is the comprehensive patient engagement platform that improves profitability, productivity and digital patient access for specialty practices, hospitals and health systems.

What is a Clearwave VacTrAK™?

VacTrak™ by Clearwave® is a fast and efficient way for students to provide required immunization and health information to their institution for enrollment. No more lines and time-consuming paperwork! With VacTrak™, students have a seamless way to complete registration obligations on their own schedules.

How do I log in to the provider portal?

To log in to the Provider Portal go to Enter your Username and Password in the appropriate fields and click Log in. See Figure 1. Select the Registration Location you will be working in from the drop-down list provided.

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