Ddd Focus Login , register and forgot password 2022

How do I contact the DDD focus security help desk?

If you need further technical assistance following any of the instructions provided in this reference guide, please call the DDD FOCUS Security Help Desk at (602) 771-1487 Arizona Department of Economic Security Division of Developmental Disabilities Business Operations (602) 542-6874 (866) 229-5553 Toll Free

How do I log in to focus?

The e-mail contains a link which you need to click. Clicking the link, or pasting the entire link into the browser’s address bar, will send you to the FOCUS Login page.

How do I Reset my focus password?

On the Focus Login page, click the Forgot My Password link. 2. Enter in the Focus user[s Email Address and your User Name, and then click the [Submit] button. 3. Enter in your Email Address and User Name, and then click the [Submit] button.

How do I get help with my DDD application?

Contact DDD Customer Service for assistance at any time. IMPORTANT: ▪ At this time, the Division has received your electronic online application and has been notified of your request to have it reviewed. ▪ In order for your application to be reviewed, the application hardcopy documents must also be received by the Division.

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