Detaso Login , register and forgot password 2022

What is detaso?

deTASO is an Electronic Healthcare Management software that specializes in EIDT, ADDT, Waiver, and ABA center based management. This includes everything from the enrollment, therapy notes, classroom billing, and therapy billing. Within deTASO also exists an HR, payroll, and staff management component.

How can detaso help you?

From intake to discharge, every facet of your patient interaction is documented electronically and stored in a HIPAA compliant format. Schedule and complete a demo to receive $500 off your first month with deTASO. Stay organized and efficient with administrations features for every part of your business.

Where is detaso data stored?

Where does my data get stored? deTASO data is stored on servers in a secure data center. Your data is then replicated both within the data center on another server and in a second secure data center at another location. How long does it take to implement deTASO?

How To Get A Detaso Account: A blog about how to get a Detaso account and what the Detaso platform is about.

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How To Get Your Browsing Data On The Detaso App: A blog post on how to get your browsing history on the app.

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Best Ways To Get Detaso Login: A blog about how to get your detaso login.

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