Di2e Login , register and forgot password 2022

What is di2e?

4 DI2E is the component of the Defense Intelligence Enterprise that: •  Transforms information collected for intelligence needs into forms suitable for further analysis and action. •  Provides the ability to integrate, evaluate, interpret and predict the current and future operations/physical environment.

Is di2e DevTools accredited by the US government?

Yes, DI2E DevTools is accredited by a US government organization. Our accreditation documentation, including our signed authorization letter may be found here (DI2E login/account required). Please contact DI2E Security. Are any non-disclosure agreements (NDA) in place for system administrators?

How do I request a new project from di2e coalition?

You MUST have access to the DI2E Coalition DevTools before requesting a new project. If you don't have an account yet, please the FAQ "How can I get a DI2E account?" below. Requests for Hosted Projects can be submitted by any DI2E Coalition DevTools user but must be approved by a US Government Sponsor.

What is a di2e project administrator responsible for?

Finally, project administrators are responsible for ensuring the correct permissions are applied to their Content to ensure Content that is private within their DI2E project is not accessible by the larger DI2E Community unless authorized.

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