Evmwd Login , register and forgot password 2022

What does evmwd do?

Jump to subpage... EVMWD, a public non-profit agency, was created on December 23, 1950 under the Municipal Water District Act of 1911. As a special district, EVMWD’s powers include provision of public water service, water supply development and planning, wastewater treatment and disposal, and recycling.

When will my customer account be credited by evmwd?

Customer accounts will not be credited until payment has been received and processed by EVMWD. Customers may be charged an additional transaction fee by CheckFreePay agent locations. EVMWD will not refund or credit these fees.

How do I pay my evmwd Bill?

A great way to pay your EVMWD bill is using your bank's, or other companies that provide bill paying service, website. Many banks offer electronic bill payment service to their customers for little, or no, charge per month. Customers can make one time payments or schedule their payments for particular times of the month.

How can I Manage my EMWD account online?

Save time and money with EMWD’s My Account portal. My Account offers EMWD customers the opportunity manage their account online and view water usage data. All EMWD customer accounts are subject to EMWD’s Delinquency Process and EMWD’s Billing Policies. EMWD is not responsible for payments made through any other online service.

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