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What is Farmasi US?

It includes products like shampoos, perfume, makeup, etc. Farmasi US actually has a long history dating back to the 1950s when it was founded by Dr. C. Tuna, who passed away last 2017. The company is running a traditional pharmaceutical company for 69 years until the board of directors decided to make business changes and become an MLM.

Why does Farmasi need recruiters to represent its competitors?

And some of their competition is as well-known as or more popular than Farmasi's product. Having recruits represent them, enables the company to make more profits by saving money from advertising. These expenses include advertising and hiring an additional workforce. So what's this has to do with us?

Why does Farmasi do MLM?

If Farmasi's products are that profitable, then they wouldn't have to rely on recruiting. Doing MLM is sort of their way to cope with the competition.

What is Farmasi's compensation plan?

Click the following description to check out Farmasi's Compensation Plan. It's a one-time bonus provided when you reached a certain rank and able to keep it for another consecutive period. For example, you're supposed to earn $60 when you've reached the 25% bonus mark, and able to maintain it for another month. Or $150 for the 12% bonus mark.

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Many doctors are too quick to give out bad advice, whether the person asking for it has a clear reason for the question or not. On a blog called farmasi usa login, they have taken it upon themselves to educate people on how to ask their doctor questions.

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This blog discusses the issues with doctors and how patients should talk to them. Many doctors give bad advice and do not take their patients' concerns seriously. They also often do not listen to what their patients want from them.

Farmasi is a medicine information portal.

Doctors are not all the same, some doctors are reliable and know what they are talking about but others may give advice without knowing the facts or without doing their research. This blog discusses how to talk to your doctor and gives a few examples of giving bad advice.

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Your doctor may not be the best person to give you advice on your health, and many doctors will tell you something like "you're doing everything right" without knowing what's really going on. Many doctors will never read a book about nutrition or exercise, yet they will prescribe pharmaceutical drugs that have no place in our society.

Blogging for Health Professionals: A blog exploring why and how to start a blog.

75% of doctors give bad advice, and this blog is here to help those people find out what the right decision is for them. Most common advice given by doctors during visit are to take antibiotics, stop taking supplements, keep taking painkillers and other drugs for as long as advised, and take a medication. The problem with these advice is that it's not always helpful in every circumstance, it's also expensive and unnecessary.

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