Ffl Boss Login , register and forgot password 2022

What is FFL boss?

FFL Boss is an FFL software application that runs in the cloud, there is no software to download or setup. FFL Boss works on Windows, Macs, iPads, ChromeOS, Tablets or any internet connected device. FFL Boss is ATF ruling 2016-1 , ATF ruling 2016-2 , ATF ruling 2016-3 , ATF ruling 2016-4 and ATF ruling 2016-5 compliant.

How does FFL boss record transaction data?

Because the ATF specifically notifies dealers that any computer hardware that stores transaction data is subject to review during audits, FFL Boss uses secure cloud storage to record all the detailed transaction information. The beauty behind this system is that the data can be accessed from anywhere with the right security credentials.

How do I use FFL boss to fill out paperwork?

Turn any computer, laptop or tablet into a locked kiosk input device with digital signature support for retail customers to fill out paperwork without giving your customer access to the entire system. Run Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal (LEEP) FBI background checks from within FFL Boss and auto populate the results on the electronic 4473.

How are FFL dealers verified?

FFL Dealers are verified with real-time checks against the ATF’s FFL eZ Check system to verify all values on the FFL match perfectly with the ATF database. Electronic inventory counts can be started and run manually with hand counts or the automated method with the use of inventory labels and barcode scanners.

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