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How do I contact kdqol complete?

For billing questions or to use KDQOL Complete for research purposes, please call (608) 833-8033. © 2009—2022 KDQOL Complete. All rights reserved.

What is the kdqol survey?

The Kidney Disease Quality of Life (KDQOL) survey is a kidney disease-specific measure of HRQOL.

Is there a scoring tool for the KDQOL-36™?

The KDQOL Working Group developed a stand alone Excel scoring tool to help with the scoring of the KDQOL-36™. SAS code, provided by the KDQOL Working Group. Please note: the following translations have been created wholly by the listed contributors, and have not been evaluated or reviewed by RAND.

What does kdqol 36 stand for?

About the KDQOL-36. The Kidney Disease Quality of Life (KDQOL) survey is a kidney disease-specific measure of HRQOL. The first version contained the Medical Outcomes Study 36 (MOS SF-36) as a generic chronic disease core, and added items relevant to patients with kidney disease, such as symptoms, burden of illness, social interaction,...

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Get A Login For kdqol: How to get a kdqol login.

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