Kinsey’s Login , register and forgot password 2022

Why work at Kinsey’s?

With more than 500 leading brands focused heavily in archery and firearms, and 15,000 stocked products, we provide outdoors retailers everything they need to serve their customers and grow their business. “Kinsey’s offers an exciting work environment and opportunity for growth within the company.

Where is Kinsey’s located?

Founded in 1952, Kinsey’s is headquartered in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania. “The examples Vernon Kinsey, my grandfather, lived every day endure in our business to this day — they carry us forward. When life challenged him, leaving him paralyzed below the waist, he turned his passion for archery into a profession.

What kind of equipment does Kinsey’s make?

2007: Kinsey’s introduces the October Mountain Products consumer brand to the archery market, offering recurve bows and problem-solving tools and accessories for the modern archer. Fin-Finder brand of rugged and versatile bowfishing equipment which includes bows, arrows, laser sights and other accessories.

How do I apply for an open position with Kinsey's?

To apply for an open position with Kinsey's, please send your cover letter and resume via email, or upload using the button at the bottom of the job description page. At Kinsey's, we invest in your long-term development with courses, coaching, training, seminars and special on-site educational opportunities.

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