Leadsquared Login , register and forgot password 2022

How do I configure login settings for my leadsquared account?

Administrator users can configure login settings for users in their LeadSquared account. To access these settings, Navigate to My Profile>Settings>Security>Login Settings. Click the slider icon alongside the setting you want to enable (or the Logout button for the force logout setting).

What can you do with leadsquared?

Capture leads from all your online channels – paid ads, social media, chat, webinar and more. Capture phone calls as leads and upload leads from offline channels like events etc. in csv format. Seamlessly capture leads from lead aggregators and third-party websites. What does LeadSquared offer?

How to post a call log for the leadsquared generic telephony connector?

Lets you to post a call log for the LeadSquared Generic Telephony Connector. The call log gets posted as an activity to the corresponding lead. Note: You need to pass the “LeadId” and the corresponding “UserId” in the JSON body. This is the source telephone number. In case of an inbound call, the source phone number is the lead’s phone number.

What is the leadsquared platform?

The LeadSquared platform is flexible, making the adoption and execution of your existing sales process very simple. We can effectively monitor sales follow-ups and track all offline and online activities. It is a very well thought out application and sometimes will surprise you in terms of the things it can deliver.

LeadSquared - A New Way to Reach Out

1. Get leads and make money. 2. Leverage people's personal information to make your ads more effective. 3. Control every aspect of your campaign in one place: the Leadsquared dashboard. 4. Grow your business using Leadsquared's Community Builder tool

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1. Leadsquared is one of the most reliable leads resources to find quality in-person leads. 2. You get a free trial to see how it works. 3. Leadsquared is the easiest way to set up your profile and start finding prospects through LinkedIn, Twitter, Email and Facebook. 4. Get started today by entering your email on their website!

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Leadsquared was found to be the best way to find leads for your business. I, personally, have used Leadsquared for a few weeks and it is incredibly effective. The first reason that you should sign up for Leadsquared is because they are free! Second, there are no limits on the amount of leads you can signup for every month. You can sign up as many as you want without any restrictions. Finally, there is also no limit on how many times people can request your contact information.

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