Masonlive Login , register and forgot password 2022

What is masonlive?

MasonLive is the email system for alumni at George Mason University. MasonLive is limited to former Mason students whose accounts have not been migrated to Office 365 Email. Powered by Microsoft, MasonLive offers an impressive collection of features, including: Active* student email accounts have been migrated to Office 365 Email.

How do I log in to masonlive?

You must log in via Microsoft using your MASONLIVEAccount. Your MASONLIVEAccount is: Email Address: [email protected] Password: MASONLIVEMicrosoft Password

What is my email address for Mason live?

Your email address will be [email protected] MasonLive is used as the official Mason student email system. Your MasonLive account provides the basic email, calendar, and contacts. It also includes a license to utilize Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise and OneDrive.

What is the email address for faculty and staff at masonlive?

[email protected] Password: MASONLIVEMicrosoft Password >> Faculty & Staff, please log into your email at >> Need help? Contact the ITU Support Center/ 703-993-8870 >> By using this system, you agree to abide by the Responsible Use of Computing Policy.

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