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Medistreams: Medication management software for doctors and patients.

Medistreams is a secure online platform that connects your doctor and you. It allows you to control your health care through the app on your phone, tablet, or computer system. Medistreams helps you to achieve more by being a team player.

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Medistreams is an online platform that connects patients with their health care providers. This platform can be used as a way to find multiple health care providers, as well as communicate with one another. Patients also have the opportunity to speak with a live caregiver on the Medistreams platform. By speaking directly to a health care provider, patients can get answers to many of their questions and concerns.

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Medistreams, formerly called Friend Rx, was created by pharmacies to save patients from expensive doctor's visits. Now Pfizer has bought out the company and is expanding the platform to allow patients to see their online doctors and vice versa. Patients who use Medistreams can get in touch with their doctors or pharmacist through text, phone call or video. The site is free for both patients and providers.

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Medistreams is a platform that connects patients with their online prescribers. The site offers more privacy and security than other medical websites and uses encryption software. Patients can create an account, find their prescriptions, and track the progress of their prescriptions either by day or week. Its analytics feature allows for whole new levels of information about drug effectiveness.

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Every doctor or healthcare provider who registers for a Medistreams account is assigned a unique username and password. Once the registration process is complete, doctors and primary care practitioners can request prescriptions from drug companies, handle paperwork while they're on the go, monitor patients' progress, and more. To learn more about how Medistreams can benefit your practice log in to their website today.

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