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Microsoft has announced a new app store called the Microsoft Apps App Store. It will allow people to download apps, games, and more from the MS Store that meet certain guidelines, as well as find apps to assist with tasks such as parenting, water safety, and emergency preparedness.

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Microsoft has recently released its App Store for Windows 10 and Windows Phone. Now, users can download apps for free or purchase them for a small fee. However, not all apps are created equal. As with any app store, there are some great applications that you'll want to download and use right away and there are also some junk apps that you may want to avoid altogether. Here's what to expect from the Microsoft Apps store.

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Microsoft is finally done with their latest project, the Windows 10 App Store. This app store is a new way for Microsoft to make money off of apps for Windows 10 and other platforms by selling them in small bundles. The app store doesn't sell apps, as it only lets you choose whether you want to buy a subscription or not. A subscription is $6.99 a month and allows users unlimited access to most apps in the store. Microsoft has also made a deal with many developers to publish their apps on the app store without having to spend any money to do so.

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Microsoft apps is the new name for their old app store, which was previously called Microsoft Store. The company renamed it because they want to make it clear that Microsoft is a platform for voice and music. They also want to stop making people feel like they are locked into whatever apps come pre-installed on their devices. A lot of people are used to Apple's app store, but Microsoft believes that this new approach will give them an advantage in the long run.

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Microsoft's new app store for the Windows 10 operating system is a big change from what's been available in the past. The company has always had a large audience for its applications, but now it will be competing with other platforms like Apple and Google. Before downloading an app, it is best to know what to expect. What you can find:

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