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The story of how JetNet's JetPets came to be is told in the blog. The businesses started off as a marketing campaign, but over time they have become much more than that. They are now the most important part of the company's success and are what sets it apart from its competition.

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JetNet has found many different ways to bring smiles to the faces of travelers. They have created a blog about their JetPets, which are unique nickname for their employees who fly on their planes. Employees love there own JetPet as if it were their own pet and they talk about how much fun they had with them on the plane. Travelers can also join in the fun by submitting their favorite JetPet stories on the blog!

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Many JetNet employees have a jet pet, and you can too. They are cute animals that live on the company's private island. The pets are available for adoption, but not all employees take the chance. What would happen if one of these adorable creatures was adopted by your average Joe?

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JetNet has been known for its JetPets since the company was founded in 2008. The pets are one of the main ways that JetNet passes down their values to their employees, and it is also one of their most beloved services. JetPets come in different shapes and sizes, but all staff members are eligible to adopt one at no cost. Not only do the pets bring joy to everyone at work, but they help create a friendly environment where people feel comfortable letting down their guard and bringing out their softer side.

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JetNet's JetPets are a blog about the story behind JetNet's most popular and widely recognized product, JetPets. These always-moving, interactive characters look and feel like real animals at home, but also come in other forms including dogs, dinosaurs, sharks and more. The blog shares behind-the-scenes stories from when "Lucky" the dog was born to its hilarious photo adventures with his jetpack and jetpet friends.

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