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What is nfnfte?

NFTE ignites the entrepreneurial mindset with unique learning experiences that empower all students to own their futures.

Why NFTE for Entrepreneurship?

of NFTE alumni say learning to think like an entrepreneur helped them in school, in business, and in life 90% of employers say it’s important or very important that the workforce have the kinds of entrepreneurship skills NFTE teaches. 90% of NFTE alumni say learning to think like an entrepreneur helped them in school, in business, and in life.

Who addressed the NFTE-BSNL meeting?

Com A.Rajmouli secretary cum treasurer of NFTE also addressed the meeting. Com Parikh, com R.G.Dixit both circle secretaries of BSNL EU and NFTE Rajsthan. Com Naresh pal cs BSNL EU UP west were also among the speaker's.

What do NFTE alumni do with their money?

25% of NFTE alumni start at least one business and many go on to become serial entrepreneurs. 50% of NFTE alumni report that they are earning more than the median salary in the U.S. today. flexible, project-based learning in classrooms, camps, afterschool programs, and online.

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