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How do I access my Pesi live webcasts and seminars?

Alternatively, you can go to, click “Login” and select “Live Webcasts and Digital Seminars” from the drop-down list. It's also possible that your distance-learning account was created through Psychotherapy Networker, and not through PESI.

What is Pesi continuing education?

Featuring the world’s leading experts, PESI continuing education provides practical strategies, treatment techniques and interventions that will improve client outcomes. PESI is an accredited provider of CE by numerous accrediting agencies including the APA, ASHA, AOTA, and state education boards. Behavioral Health HealthCare Rehab Kids Publishing

What does Pesi stand for?

Pulmonary Embolism Severity Index (PESI) The PESI score determines clinical severity and can influence treatment setting for management of PE. Class I and II patients may possibly be safely treated as outpatients in the right clinical setting. The PESI is designed to risk stratify patients who have been diagnosed with a PE in order...

What is the funding for the Pesi project?

PESI is funded by the European Union 7th Framework Programme within the Research Infrastructures programme. Contract no. RI-223806. Activity Area: Capacities. Period 2008-2011 - Website hosted & developed by VLIZ

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