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This page was redesigned by a team of 2. The first step was to analyze the goals and challenges. We found that the old login page lacked transparency because it wasn't clear where you had to go next after logging in. It also made sense to build a new design from scratch because what we had created before looked dated and old fashioned. The new homepage has a simplified layout that makes it easy for visitors to find out more about the company, as well as sign up for their newsletter or get touch with Petpoint via email.

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The new login page for Petpoint is much easier to use. It shows a list of titles, such as "Welcome!", "Create an Account", and "Log Out" instead of just a blank screen with the words "Petpoint Login." This makes it easier to find where you need to go on the site.

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We redesigned the login page for Petpoint. Check out our design and see if you think it's more user-friendly than before. The old interface was taking up a lot of space with unnecessary clutter, which made the page feel cluttered. We also wanted to make it easier to collect points and work towards earning rewards, so we changed the top navigation bar so that all the important features are visible at a glance.

How to use petpoint login: A blog post on how to use the petpoint login.

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