Rapid Recon Dealer Login , register and forgot password 2022

How many dealerships use rapid recon?

Established in 2010, Rapid Recon is trusted by over 2,000 dealerships for improved dealership profitability. 20,000+ users access the powerful, easy-to-use, cost-effective workflow management solution customized for each dealership’s unique culture and processes to respond to the constantly changing retail automotive market.

How can rapid recon help your recon team?

Unify and empower your recon team. Rapid Recon puts an end to the finger pointing that results from frustration recon team members feel when they are being held accountable but can’t get or provide information about the status of a vehicle in the recon process. Every dealership is unique.

What is the best-selling recon software?

2,353 top-performing dealership customers and 27,826 monthly users have established Rapid Recon as the #1 best-selling recon software. With more than 15 million vehicles managed, Rapid Recon has data that delivers benchmarking and best practices for continuous improvement.

What is rapid recon digital vehicle portfolio?

With Rapid Recon, the exact reconditioning position and status of every car—where it is, where it’s going next, its repair estimates, its recon costs by car, and more—is a screen swipe away. Rapid Recon Digital Vehicle Portfolio powered by iPacket.

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Rapid Recon is software designed to give you the edge on the job market. With an intuitive web interface and compatibility with most major web browsers, the software allows users to search hundreds of job boards, save favorite searches and jobs, track their progress through the application, and browse team members' work history. Rapid Recon is often used by recruiters, SEO specialists, and content writers.

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