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Reading Rangers Login is a blog about reading books. There are many blogs out there with topics like reading, books and the like but this blog looks at how to read better.

For those of you who have not heard, there is a new book club happening in the greater Portland area. It's called "The New Book Club." Every month they choose a different topic and host a discussion on it. The topics this month are "Cooking" and "Parenthood." If you're interested, check out their website at

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"A book club is a social gathering of people who meet regularly to discuss and debate books, often with food and friends." I grew up in the 1960's in America when there were many social gatherings that included food, alcohol, laughter, and learning. Those meetings made for some great memories! When my kids were young I tried to recreate that feeling by hosting lots of activities on weekends. Some of those activities were game nights and book clubs.

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"I have a favorite book club that has been around for years, but I'm looking for something new." This is what I was thinking when I came across an article about starting a book club by reading one book per month. It's such a great idea, so I began my search for potential members. The article also mentioned that it could be intimidated to get started because the author didn't mention any names of potential members or a location of where to meet or what kind of books to read. But there could be many reasons why people are hesitant to join the group. Maybe they don't want to feel like they're not good enough at reading? Maybe they don't want their friends and family looking down on them? Whatever the reason is, you might be able to find community in these places, as well as new friends who share your interest in reading.

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I was browsing through some of my favorite book blogs on my way to work one morning and stumbled across a new blog: Reading Rangers. I had never heard of this blog before, but it seemed like the perfect place for me to find a new book club because each review is written by someone close to me- someone new! They offer book reviews from people with different backgrounds in their fields so that you can find a whole host of different perspectives for any genre or book.

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A new book club is easy to find and popular. The best way to find a new club is through the Internet. One option is searching for "book clubs near me" on Google; another option is joining Facebook groups like "Book Club". The answer is simple, but it can be hard to start. After joining, ask your friends if they want to join with you. If not, look up book clubs that are similar to yours or have a similar mission.

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