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What can shipcompliant do for You?

What ShipCompliant can do for you Sovos ShipCompliant solves beverage alcohol compliance for producers, suppliers, shippers and government agencies through accurate, real-time, available-anywhere technology. Avoid compliance mistakes that risk fines, losses and unwanted scrutiny with Sovos ShipCompliant’s DtC and three-tier compliance solutions.

How can Sovos shipcompliant help you avoid compliance mistakes?

Avoid compliance mistakes that risk fines, losses and unwanted scrutiny with Sovos ShipCompliant’s DtC and three-tier compliance solutions. Since 2006, Sovos ShipCompliant has been building and innovating the most comprehensive compliance technology and visionary business tools to help your business grow.

Why choose DTC shipping compliance and management solutions?

Our DtC shipping compliance and management solutions help navigate constantly evolving direct-to-consumer shipping laws while minimizing risks associated with compliance. Our distribution compliance and management solutions simplify go-to-market complexities and streamline three-tier compliance management.

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For the past decade, we've been moving in a new direction. We're now taking on brand new risk management techniques that are increasingly favouring sophisticated user experiences. And it's not just us. Striking a balance between reducing friction and delivering an intense customer experience is increasingly common practice across industries, from retail to education to healthcare.

ShipCompliant Login: Amaze your customers with an account that is truly more secure than any password.

Our new user experience is truly a blog all about our new user experience. You can find out what we mean by that, how the new design helps the site and why it's important to us.

ShipCompliant Login: How to set up your ShipCompliant login.

Our new user experience is called ShipCompliant. It will be launched in October. This experience will allow you to manage your account, shipments, and orders all through one seamless process. What was most exciting about this development is the fact that it's a cross-platform experience that can be used on desktop or mobile devices. We're very close to launching our first mobile app for iOS and Android devices; it'll be available in September from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The shipCompliant Login: A blog about what the shipCompliant Login is, how it works, and some of the features.

ShipCompliant is excited to announce that we have now launched our new user experience. If you haven't already checked it out, we recommend you go to and give us your feedback!

The One Stop Shop for Shipping Compliant Logins: We offer a multitude of shipping compliant logins for your website.

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