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Stonehambank: A free online business banking platform for freelancers and small businesses.

StonehamBank is a small bank with only 30+ employees located in the heart of a community of 5,000 people. StonehamBank has always been a traditional brick and mortar company; however, it is quickly changing as more and more consumers opt to use digital banking services. In order to stay competitive, StonehamBank has transitioned from providing physical branches to offering digital banking services.

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StonehamBank, a digital-only bank headquartered in Stoneham, MA, is one of the first banks in the nation to truly embrace this new realm. Being located in a tech hub of Boston, we are able to offer our customers easy and convenient access to their accounts via mobile devices.

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The changing digital banking landscape has been the topic of many articles over the years. What is less talked about are the effects this change that has on banks like StonehamBank. There are risks that come with potential rewards and those risks can be mitigated through safeguards such as security controls or risk management programs.

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The changing digital banking landscape is something that StonehamBank has had to adapt to, as the bank's head of digital channels and marketing, Justin Hunter, explains. "In the past four years, my entire career has been in digital," he says. "And I'm probably a better person for it because I've had such a wide range of experiences."

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StonehamBank has been able to maintain its traditional bank model because of the many benefits offered by online-only banking. StonehamBank offers a service that is convenient for customers and affordable for small businesses. If a customer does not have access to an internet connection, StonehamBank sets up a mobile app that can be used on the go.

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