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Storage Wars is a show that started airing on the A&E network in the United Kingdom in 2010. The show is about auctions where people bid on abandoned storage units. The show was later picked up and aired on the American cable channel Spike TV, where it became an instant hit with audiences. After winning 3 seasons of Storage Wars, one commentator stated that "Storage Wars has become the most popular reality show since Survivor."

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StorageBattles is a blog about Storage Wars. This blog covers the many different storage wars that have taken place in the 21st century. The blog focuses on the future of these storage wars, and also features interviews and articles on how this reality show has impacted society.

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Storage Wars is a reality show that has been around for years, but it's still popular. The show follows storage auctioneers as they try to buy storage units. The auctions can be quite intense and dangerous. StorageBattles is a blog that offers a new perspective on the show and gives readers insight into what happens behind the scenes of the show.

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StorageBattles is a blog that gives personal commentary about the show Storage Wars. The site tries to give a personal perspective of what is really going on with the show.

Storage Battles: A blog about the storage battles that happen in people's homes.

Storage Wars is a TV show where a host auctions storage units. The main point of the show is to find rare items in storage units, and it's constantly in the news due to all the drama that takes place. Many people feel like Storage Wars is reality, but it isn't. The cast members are actors, and these aren't real storage units that are being auctioned off and unclaimed items are simply brought on set for filming.

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