Surgimate Login , register and forgot password 2022

What is surgimate app?

Good surgical management relies on seamless communication between the surgeon and back-office. Surgimate App lets surgeons access their schedule wherever they are, receive instant updates and send post-op confirmations and add-on codes in real time.

What do patients say about surgimate?

"Surgimate provides a fully customized surgical scheduling solution." "Surgimate is an integral part of our practice. We couldn't live without it!" "Surgimate is the ultimate solution for all our scheduling needs." Got it, thanks! We'll be in contact within 24 hours.

Is the Surgimap app compatible with IE web browsers?

CONTINUE TO ACCESS WEBSITE Surgimap App Surgimap is not yet optimized for IE web browsers. For a fully compatible experience, download Latest browsers. Google Chrome

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Surgimate provides a platform for doctors and patients to see who's available, book appointments and make payments. Doctors can manage their patients' care, while patients get access to a wide range of treatments.

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