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What is TVision and how does it work?

TVision is a brand new streaming service that has great options for live tv. Users have the ability to choose between 4 packages that help cater to your personalized viewing experience. With easy to install apps on nearly every device imaginable, access to TVision is readily available for all users.

How do I use my TVision remote?

Utilize the Google Assistant on the included voice remote to display home cameras on the TV, turn on the lights, and search for content across all your subscriptions. Refer to the icons below to get to know your TVision remote. To connect to your TV, plug your TVision HUB into any open HDMI port on the TV.

What devices can I install TVision on?

In addition to Firestick/Fire TV devices, TVision is also supported with the following: We also provide steps for those using the Chromecast with Google TV or any Android TV device. 7 How much does TVision cost? 8 What Channels are on TVision? 9 Do I have to be a T-Mobile customer to purchase TVision? 10 What devices can I install TVision on?

How do I get the TVision hub?

The TVision HUB also includes the Google Assistant for voice search and smart home control directly from the HUB remote. You can get the TVision HUB through Customer Care,, or in store. The HUB cannot be purchased through the T-Mobile app..

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