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Is there a prework check form for upsers?

Also there is now a link to the prework check form on UPSers, don't know if that's been mentioned yet. Thought the same thing but you'll be forced to stay out 10 days and consult your physician. Click to expand...

What does ups healthcare do?

An integral part of Operation Warp Speed, COVAX, and other global vaccine initiatives, UPS Healthcare manages advanced packing, tracking, and cold and frozen storage to ensure secure, compliant distribution of critical yet fragile vaccines and therapies.

What are you using PreCheck for?

We are using them for background screenings, license monitoring, and sanction checks. By using PreCheck, we can be confident that we are exceeding federal and state laws and regulations. PreCheck makes my job so much easier!

Why choose PreCheck for background screening?

For over 25 years, PreCheck has served healthcare organizations and health sciences programs to optimize their background screening and compliance programs. Our mission mirrors yours—to improve the quality of care.

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