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When will Vision2020+1 be held?

As the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic became evident in April 2020 we made the very difficult decision to postpone Vision2020 and optimistically planned to hold Vision2020+1 exactly a year later, in July 2021.

Why has Vision 2020 now been postponed?

Due to the ongoing uncertainty around travel and roll out of vaccination programmes in the coming months, we have had to make another difficult decision and further postpone Vision 2020. It will now take place 5 – 8 July 2022, when we hope to welcome you to Dublin for an in-person conference.

Will the low vision research and rehabilitation community be in Dublin in 2021?

Unfortunately, our optimism and hope to see an end to the pandemic and an opportunity for the Low Vision Research and Rehabilitation community to gather safely in Dublin in 2021 is not possible.

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