Xtiva Login , register and forgot password 2022

What is the xtiva ASP portal?

Welcome to the Xtiva ASP Portal. This site allows you to access the Xtiva Application Suite directly from your desktop. Our secure portal brings you a robust, scalable and reliable SaaS infrastructure to provide each of your Xtiva users easy access to our applications. Back Office user applications are delivered via Citrix TM.

Why partner with xtivia?

XTIVIA was that partner. As a result, we integrated hundreds of mission-critical applications in a short timeframe.” “The partnership we received from XTIVIA was crucial for the successful delivery of our new global Partner Portal to hundreds of thousands of our partners.

What are the Nextiva build info and public IP address?

By clicking "Logon", I agree that I have read and accept the Nextiva Terms and Conditions. Build Info: 6100.0.2021.0411.01 Client Public IP: The use of this system is restricted to authorized users.

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